WordPress Update.

The new release of WordPress version is aiming to get things easier for the user. Here are some of the features enhanced in new version of WordPress 6.5

  • Font Library: Introducing the new Font Library: Take charge of your site’s typography hassle-free. Install, remove, and activate local and Google Fonts effortlessly for any Block theme. Customize with ease and expand your styling options for content.
  • Revision history and accessibility: Enhance your creative process with a detailed overview of project progress and fallback options. Access timestamps, summaries, and a paginated list of revisions for comprehensive tracking. Explore revisions from the Style Book to understand block-level impacts. Now, revisions are also accessible for templates and template parts.
  • Backgrounds: Experience newfound control and versatility in your design endeavors. With the latest updates, you can now fine-tune background images within Group blocks, adjusting size, repeat, and focal point to craft layouts with subtle or bold visual accents. Additionally, setting aspect ratios for Cover block images is simpler than ever, accompanied by easy color overlay integration sourced directly from your chosen image. Furthermore, the introduction of box shadow support across various block types allows for the creation of layouts imbued with visual depth and personality. Embrace these enhancements and elevate your design capabilities to new heights.
  • Data view: Unlock the power of organized data management for every aspect of your website. Explore streamlined data views for pages, templates, patterns, and template parts, presenting information in customizable table or grid formats. Seamlessly toggle fields and execute bulk changes, ensuring swift access to vital information and effortless organization tailored to your preferences.
  • Better drag and drop: With intuitive rearrangement features, like displaced items in List View and effortless dragging, every adjustment is accompanied by visual cues that guide your journey. From start to finish, experience the transformative power of fluid movement, empowering you to navigate your workspace with ease and precision, elevating your creative process to new heights.
  • Better link creation: Elevate your link-building experience with enhanced ease and efficiency. Benefit from a streamlined user interface and convenient shortcuts for copying links, simplifying the process of creating and managing links effortlessly.

Why WordPress is better for website design:

WordPress says: “This release includes more than 65 accessibility improvements across the platform, making it more accessible than ever. It contains an important fix that unblocks access to the admin submenus for screen reader users and others who navigate by keyboard. This release also adds fixes to color contrast in admin focus states, positioning of elements, and cursor focus, among many others, that help improve the WordPress experience for everyone.”

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